Require a Data Protection Officer?

Our DPO briefing document will help you establish your legal requirements. Some clients still choose to have a voluntary DPO to demonstrate a robust culture of Data Protection.

Our risk based DPO service includes the following key responsibilities:

  • Inform and Train – Make your organisations aware of their Data Protection obligations and responsibilities
  • Advise – Provide organisations with advice about Data Protection laws, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s), risk and accountability
  • Monitor – Monitor compliance with Data Protection laws and corresponding relevant company policies and procedures
  • Co-operate and Consult – We communicate with the ICO on relevant Data Privacy matters (e.g. complaint-handling, investigation etc.)
  • Become the Contact point for EU DPA’s – On processing issues including prior consultation
  • Become the Contact point for “Data Subjects” – Individuals may contact the DPO on all processing 
issues and exercise their GDPR rights